Woodlands Community Lenders Business Building and Operating Loans

Woodlands Community Lenders (WCL) provides low-interest loans to local businesses, commercial property owners and nonprofits. Whether your business is in retail, restaurants, manufacturing, property management or the service industry—you name it—we can help you build a stronger business.

Eligible applicants can use these loans to help cover equipment costs, operating expenses, building rehab or improvements and other costs associated with start-up or expansion. In addition to capital, WCL provides technical assistance to help support overall and daily operations, such as business plan development, marketing and accounting assistance.

  • WCL loans are available for up to $100,000.
  • WCL provides loans at fixed interest rates. Interest rates are based on risk.
  • WCL loans are typically short-term and fully amortized. Long-term loans are available if needed.

To apply for any of our loans or for more information on our services, call Woodlands Community Lenders
at 304.636.6495 x 29 or email [email protected].

If you have a building in need of upgrades or repair located in any of these areas and you’d like to apply for Downtown Redevelopment Financing, contact Woodlands Community Lenders at 304.636.6495 x 29, or contact us.

Woodlands Community Lenders