Woodlands Community Lenders Technical Assistance for Businesses

Along with financing, up-to-date technology and business and technical know-how are vital to business operations. WCL has partnered with local service providers to offer technical assistance programs to help improve the strength of our local businesses.

WCL and its partners provide classes, seminars and volunteer advisors to businesses seeking assistance. We utilize local service providers, educators and professionals to help with developing business plans, understanding accounting and marketing, and other essential business functions.

How to Write a Business Plan

An effective business plan is integral to the success of a business. WCL will help you develop one that improves your chances of success. To get started, download our business plan outline. And take a look at the Small Business Administrations step-by-step guide on how to write a business plan.

If would like to apply for one of our loans, contact Woodlands Community Lenders at 304.636.6495 x 29, or contact us.

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