What Woodlands Development Group Does to be Green

WDG always keeps green in mind when developing new projects and working towards sustainable, affordable homes and communities for the Randolph, Barbour, and Tucker counties.

 Building Green

WDG and Highland Community Builders, LLC have been regional leaders in green building for many years. WDG incorporates Green Building principles, which reduce environmental impacts and increase energy efficiency, into its affordable housing construction practices. These principles include simple things such as building where there is availability of walk-able amenities to complex practices such as building conditioned crawlspaces to retain the buildings envelope.

 Green Education

WDG is continually providing green education opportunities to employees, board members, partners, and interested community members. This includes green building technology and techniques, special funding training, guest lectures, and hands-on demonstrations.

 Green Innovation

Along with green building WDG has also been a leader in green innovative projects. The Porter Triplex Project, set for construction Spring 2011, is designed for Silver Leadership in Energy and Efficiency Design for Homes Certification and will be the first of it’s kind in the state. For more information see our Porter Triplex flyer.

 Green Partnerships

WDG has several partnerships that further the development of green projects in the Randolph, Barbour, and Tucker counties. This includes working with Randolph County Community Gardens Committee to implement a 5th Ward Community Garden that will open May 2011. For more information about our Partners vist our partners page. For more information about the Randolph County Community Gardens call Center for Sustainability Studies at Davis and Elkins College at 304-637-1309, or email [email protected].

For the What WDG Does to be Green flyer.

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